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No. While Google Ads can be good if done right, you are paying for every click. They are certainly good if done properly. But our main focus is on helping you get found in Google Maps, or in unpaid search results. And making sure you site helps, teaches and convinces, to help you get more leads and sales.

It doesn’t matter how fancy your website looks. If its getting you plenty of leads it’s a good website. And if it’s not, then you need to fix it.

Maybe, if you are in a competitive market in a big city, and want to get in Google Page #1. For businesses in smaller towns, it’s much easier. And no matter where you are, we start with the easier solution first, which is to get you Page #1 in Google Maps box. No blogging required yet. When you want more lets yet, then bogging will be the way to go. When you’re ready for that, talk to us or read our own blog for some advice or tips.

Yes. We make sure of that. To succeed online, it must be easy for you to login to the website to add or edit text, photos, videos, pictures, brochures And more. It is also important that you learn the different user levels. Let juniors or external contributors add content, that your trusted staff editor can check before it goes live. Our thorough training, simplified dashboard, video instructions, will help make your team a publishing success!

We can make one for you. But we’d rather teach you how to make them. Good ones. Heaps of them! If you want people to find you online, then you need content for your website that is useful, educational or entertaining to your customers, on topics that they are likely to be searching for. Video is especially good for this as people can get your point quicker, and relate to you easier. But making good video content can be daunting. Everyone is going to be watching. Your image is on the line. So you want to do it right. Let us help you get a process in place for fast, easy regular pro-level video production.

Websites must also load fast. Otherwise, people will leave real quick. Think about yourself, if you click on a website and you get a blank screen for a few seconds. Do you wait around to see what happens; or do you click the back button, go back to Google, and try something else? I myself rarely wait. That’s why we make sure every site we build loads super fast.

Well worth it. We focus on your success. Getting you found online, and getting more leads and sales. The results will make our work worth your while. Tell us your budget, and we’ll tell you what we can do with it.

If we are building you a site, the chances of you not liking it are exactly zero. Why? Because we start by selecting templates. We get you to choose one you like. Then we customise it with your brand colours, content and images. So you’re going to know right from the getgo, what your site is going to look like, and how it will work. No surprises. No regrets.

Yes. We have server level firewalls, and run regular software updates. We also make sure you always have multiple backups of your website. We make hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backups on your server. We can revert to one of these in seconds if anything goes wrong. We can also send regular backups to our external locations, AND to Google Drive or Dropbox. You get a mail every time a backup is done. So you always know that your site is safe and secure.

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